Credit Restoration


Armed with educational resources and our expert programs, you’re on your way to reestablishing your name and credit. We know how important good credit is when it comes to living and purchasing. We help repair your credit profile with our programs engineered to tackle the difficult task of negotiating and disputing credit bureaus and creditors.
We are dedicated to ensuring you regain your financial freedom. With negative account information and past patterns, we are here to reclaim and repair any inaccurate or questionable history on your credit report. With our expert team members, we walk you through the entire process, and update you on the status of your file so you know exactly what is happening with your file.


Essentially what we do is provide a deep credit analysis of your credit history and pinpoint any inaccurate or misleading information to dispute with creditors. You set up a profile and we keep you updated on the status of disputed items with creditors. We offer individualized plans and software to help you rebuild and alter spending patterns.
Our programs are available 24/7 to help you track any updates or progress on your file. Our experts will guide you on ways to best rebuild your credit, and communicate with you on our restoration programs. We focus on customer satisfaction and utilizing the latest finance tools. Let our credit experts put you on the path to financial freedom and start taking advantage of everything that comes with having good credit.


We keep a detailed file on any inaccurate or debatable information in our programs, and begin the process of challenging creditors and credit bureaus. Transparency is important to us and our clients, and we provide feedback and constant communication so you are always aware of your situation.
If an item comes back verified with no change, we follow up with the credit bureaus to negotiate a resolution. With our restoration and repair programs, you can trust everything that can be done to improve credit is being accomplished.


Our experts are constantly analyzing ways to repair your credit score. While we know the process of waiting for a response can be nerve-racking, we help you become more knowledgeable about your credit with our online tools. We send updates on financial education, debt settlement, foreclosures, and more. You can simply log into your account to learn more about our feature products such as credit monitoring, legal assistance, and rebuilding credit cards.
We give you professional financial advice and recommendations to empower you in the daunting world of finance. With our phenomenal services, you’ll be on your way to re-establishing credit and stabilizing your financial future. Let us navigate the waters of the unstable world of finance and credit bureaus with our educational and innovative programs and services.


After the reports have been updated, we go through the reports again to see what has been changed or corrected. Any changes and updates are noted in your file.
We will continue to go through the report and request misleading and inaccurate information be removed or updated. If an item is reported as being verified, we will continue to follow up with the entity that submitted the information to the credit bureau along with the reporting bureau. The goal is to repair your credit and we will see it all the way through.